At home & gym workouts for a PEACHY BOOTY!

Everyone wants to have a nice bum right? I do! I like mine to fill out my jeans and I like feeling more curvy- I think butts are so sexy! And although you can't grow boobs you can always grow a butt with hard, consistent work. YAS.

I’ve been consistent with my butt workouts for 3-4 months now and I'm definitely seeing a difference. It's still a work in progress but while I'm busy building one, I put together 3 booty workouts that I do on a weekly basis. Feel free to sprinkle it throughout your week to keep your bum round and perky! Just chose the workout that best suits you and kill it! 

WARNING: IT WILL BURN BURN BURN! but its' a good burn. and I... love that feeling SO MUCH!


WORKOUT 1 - No Equipment

25 Wide Sumo Squat
25 Jump Squats
25 Lunges/leg
25 Bent Leg Donkey Kicks/leg
25 Lateral Leg Lifts/leg

Don't stop between sets, keep going.
1 minute break between each round
x Repeat round 4 times

25 Wide Sumo Squat - place feet spread apart and drop down to 90* ensure your knees don't go over your toes. Push through heels to stand up and squeeze glutes

25 Jump Squats place feet shoulder length apart and drop into squat, jump straight up making sure your toes leave the ground and land smoothly back into a squat

25 Lunges/leg stand with feet shoulder width apart and step back, lower down into a lunge position, keeping your back straight and front knee and ankle in line, make sure it's 90 degrees.

25 Bent Leg Donkey Kicks/legfrom an even all fours, bend one leg up while lifting your heels to the ceiling keeping the 90 degree bend. Keep your weight balanced between both sides of your body to engage your core

25 Lateral Leg Lifts/leg- from a raised plant position lift one leg up into the air squeezing your glute and keeping your toes pointed to the floor. Make sure to keep a small bend in your elbows. 

1 minute break between rounds.
Repeat 4 times!

*This no equipment workout is GREAT on it's own, but if you're hard core, you can use this workout as a BOOTY ACTIVATOR before hitting the weights so your booty is nice and warmed up to get the most out of your lift. 


WORKOUT 2 - Booty Band

50 Side Steps - 25 steps per leg
50 Standing Hip Extension - 25 per leg
25  Hip Thrusts
50 Clamshells - 25 per side
50 Banded Lateral Leg Lifts - 25 per side
25 Banded in & out pulse while squatting

Power thru all sets without stopping
1 minute rest between rounds
4 rounds


50 Banded Side Steps (25 per leg)-  place the band below your knees and stretch as wide as you can into a side step. Continue in this direction until you finish 25 side steps, then switch.

50 Banded Lateral Leg Lifts (25 per leg)place band below knees and reach back one leg at a time and far as you can stretch while keeping your upper body engaged and still. Use a support if needed like a wall.

25 Banded Hip Thrusts place band above knees. Lay on your back and bring your heels a few inches from your bum where your fingers can touch your heels. Keep shoulders flat, chest down and send hips upwards, squeezing your glutes really hard. 

50 Clams (25 per leg)- place band above knees. Engage your obliques and lift legs of the ground. Keep feet together and spread knees opened and closed. Owww!

50 Banded Lateral Leg Lifts (25 per leg)place band above knees. Align your legs on top of each other at a 45 degree angle in front of you to keep balance. Keep bottom leg pressed into the ground and stretch the other leg up, toes pointing forward. 

25 in and out pulse while squatting bring the band up to the middle of your thighs and take feet a bit more than shoulder width apart. Drop back down into a squat and spread your thighs out 2 inches and back in 2 inches, repeat this 25 times.

Don't stop between sets
1 Minute Break between rounds
Do 3 Rounds, if you're feeling BOOTYLICIOUS, do 4 rounds.

There you go! Two home booty workouts made simple with minimal equipment so there are absolutely no excuses to getting that workout in.

WORKOUT 3 - In The Gym

If you're at the gym and have access to equipment, I listed a third workout to grow that booty!
Exercises are linked to youtube videos and diagrams for examples.

8 Weight Front Squats x4

8 Deadlifts x4

8 Leg Extensions x4

10 Hamstring curls x 3

8 Weighted Hip Thrusts x 3

15 Thigh Adductor Crushes x 2

I do a combination of all these booty workouts when I'm at home, traveling, or at the gym. I do them 2-3x a week in addition to abs and arms. You can get my booty bands from @ToneitUP but if they are sold out, you can always find them on Amazon!

Happy Booty days!