What I've Been Lovin'

Today I want to share with you a few amazing things I've discovered recently. Some are face products, hair products, electronics, even workout classes! Allll the things that I've using and loving on a day to day!


Art naturals Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

  • This duo is a dream. I literally threw out all my old shampoo products after discovering it. Argan oil is amazing for your hair because it instantly hydrates and even helps treat split ends. The conditioner makes my hair run SILKY smooth in the shower and is the best detangler. My friend from San Fran that stayed with us also commented about it too. It's more of a splurge than your average Pantene Pro V, but sooooo worth it. And it's great for all hair types!


Quip toothbrush subscription

  • I first got introduced to this toothbrush when I stayed over at Langham Pasadena for a brand event. It was part of a cute goodie bag they left us on the bed. First of all I'm super diligent about brushing my teeth - right when I wake up, after I eat, and I floss and brush before bed no matter what because this girl has had 30+ cavities. It's pretty bad. SO I'm all ears on anything that makes my oral routine easier and simpler. 

    Quip is a toothbrush subscription! You get a vibrating toothbrush with replaceable head that they send you to replace every 3 months. The design is SOO chic and minimal, and I love that I can just pop it into the most minimal tooth brush holder on the side of the cabinet. It's super affordable and works really well! I just bought one for my boyfriend so we have matching tooth brushes (diff colors obvi). I highly recommend this subscription and it def makes a really practical gift for someone too.


Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens

  • Before going to Mexico and Cuba for my birthday, I splurged on a new lens I've been thinking about getting for a long time. I knew if I took my 50mm, it would be great at portraits and detail shots but if I want to capture the whole scene, it would not quite cut it. My new lens made taking travel photos more fun, because you can see so much more of the scenery. I haven't taken it off since and it's my new go-to lens for sure. All about which camera body I have and how I edit my photos here.


Bliss Oxygen Eye Mask
I use this eye mask when I travel. It's compact and is perfect to take with me on my carry on and apply under my eyes 30 minutes before landing to help with inflammation, swollen puffy eyes, and tiredness. It instantly brightens my complexion and makes me feel wide awake and ready for the day as soon as I hop off the plane. It's pretty much ritual now that I do this.


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil
You guys know that I went on a trip Kiehl's last month, but ever since I can't stop raving about this gentle night time routine. It changed my skin and I'll forever remember that. I use it everyday still and its a routine I can stick to vs. a zillion and one products that I forget the order of which goes first etc etc. I am a minimal kind of girl so I love that it's just 3 steps. The cleansing oil is ultra hydrating and makes me glow. Patting the concentrate oil over it just instantly nourishes and is heaven sent for my skin, and then a quick dab of eye cream and I'm good to go zzzz.


6. Foreo Luna mini

This has been a game changer for my face cleansing routine. I've had a clarisonic before and they work great but then the brush head gets dirty and needs to be replaced and even the mini one feels bulky and big. I got this as a gift and ever since, I've used it on days when I wear a full face of make up. Since I started using it, I noticed that I don't break out even if I'm wearing foundation 3+ days in a row. It's also something I can throw into my toiletry bag when I travel too. 


Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil & Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil for all the beauty things! no but really, the whipped body butter makes my skin sooo soft and glowy, it's insane. I have the mango one of course and the smell makes me want to stick my nose in it forever lol. The texture is so nice and doesn't feel sticky. I've also been using the pure Argan oil on spots where I need extra help, like my hands recently, elbows and knees. You can always mix the oil into a non-scented moisturizer for a boost if you have sensitive skin to fragrance!


OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil & Wave Spray & Texturizing Spray

I can write a whole blog post on hair but if I had to sum up my favorite products to help style it, it's these 3 products by OUAI. I like going for 2nd -3rd day hair especially when my hair is freshly washed. I like the volume that 2nd day hair brings by the roots and how my hair stays wavy longer and has a more lived in look. How I achieve that is, once my hair is clean and dry, I add a little Rose hair oil (a little goes a long way) and I run it through the ends. Then I curl it ( see how here) and then at the end, I spray texturing spray by the roots to lift it and spritz the wave spray all over and scrunch the curls with my hands. This creates a lived in more messy wave and the spray keeps it in place. LOVE LOVE


Lather's Fly Away Kit
This kit saved me while I was in Cuba so I'm definitely adding it in here. If you're traveling to places and are staying in airbnb's where their toiletry selection is close to zero, this kit will save yo life! I love Lather products to begin with because each product has a natural aroma that will fill your shower up. There is never any artificial dyes or perfumes either. What's included in this is all travel friendly sizes of everything like the mint thyme hair wash, yuzu bergamot conditioner, bamboo lemongrass body wash, lavender lime moisturizer, lip balm and hand cream. It was so useful to have!


Leaders USA Face Masks

That reminds me, I need to get more of these for New York next week! Also, I don't have a photo I can share, because I used them all already.. but this is another essential I can't travel without. It's also great for post beach days, when you've had too much fun in the sun or when your skin needs a good exfoliation. They are affordable and makes my skin baby silky smooth and bouncy. I love how easy it is to apply too. Highly highly recommend for $5.


Lagree Fitness Classes

If you follow me on Insta stories, I go here at least once a week. I've tried a TON of fitness classes in LA and this is the first studio I thought would be well worth the $ on top of having a gym membership. It's basically a mega reformer pilates class but the machine tilts up and down and side to side. It's HARD and by the 2nd minute you are like HOW THE HELL am I going to get through this, but before you know it , It's done. The class is only 25 minutes long which I LOVE! It's so good for building all over strength and muscle. When it's too hard, I drop a weight (spring), and I get an even better workout that way because I'm not stopping as frequently. I think as I grow my strength, I will add more back on, and hope to see myself get stronger and stronger.

Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud in Faded Clementine

This is my ultimate favorite lip color! It's by Michelle Phan from her new infinite cloud lip line. It's the perfect name because the color is a deep faded orange and literally looks great on all skin shades. The lippie goes on super smooth and has a great matte finish. It's not drying AT ALL so I can literally reapply and wear it all day long without my lips cracking and looking chapped. Holy grail. forever and ever.

That's all for my current favorite! Hope you babes enjoyed this post : )