New York with Kiehls

Last week Kiehls invited me to the city where they were born in 1851, New York! It was such a fun few days. Although I've been to New York a handful of times in the past year, it wasn't until this trip that I finally saw the Statue of Liberty and got a better feel of the city in general. 

We stayed at The Standard in the meat packing district right by the highline. When I checked in, there were Kiehls products on the bed, snacks from momofuku and a welcome letter. To be honest I've heard of Kiehls and remember seeing the counter at Nordstrom whenever I went to the mall in high school, and have friends who rave about it, but I never had the opportunity to try their products until this trip! So of course I hopped on the opportunity right away with the midnight recovery set which consists of the Midnight Botanical Cleansing Oil, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and the Midnight Recovery Eye cream, that night.

After coming back from Cuba where the weather was really humid to super-dry Los Angeles, my skin was suffering. I broke out into mini rashes all over my body and face, and had dry patches all along my chin and cheeks. My nose also cracked and peeled which also happened to me before leaving to Cuba. As I'm growing older I'm noticing my skin, especially around my cheeks are actually really dry and if I don't take care of it and eat clean, it's usually the first to show.

If you saw my IG stories or snaps while I was NY, you saw me try the products first hand. The smell of the calming essential oils in the Midnight recovery line put me into deep sleep and the next morning I was very surprised to see the texture of my skin actually improve. It looked supple and moisturized and the rough patches weren't as rough. Let me just say, after 3 nights of using it, my skin returned back to its normal state and looks so good now! 

On the first day of the trip, we met with the director of customer relations and got a really amazing intro to the brand. She even shared all the products launching in the fall, which are all based off customer favorites. Since Kiehls was born in 1851, 166 years ago, they wanted us to get a feel for the city, so our first stop was the Botanical Garden!

I loved all the unique art sculptures scattered within the exotic plants. It was great to tour it all via golf cart:P

After a quick lunch, we headed to the original Kiehls flag ship store. The windows and exterior was left just the way it was 166 years ago, when the streets were still dirt roads and horses were how people got around!

If you're ever in a Kiehls store, be sure to take advantage of the free consultation. I was able to find out through a variety of tests that I was dehydrated, my cheeks are dry and my t-zone is normal to oily. The rep and I discussed my texture problems and she was able to recommend the perfect regimen for me that way.  

After the consultation, we made our way to the helipad because we were going to tour NYC from above! The best way to see the city I was told, and they were right. It was a sight to see and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

I haven't even gotten to the best part of the trip yet.. we got to witness Jeff Koons unveil his newest sculpture "The Seated Ballerina" at the Rockefeller center. Kiehls history and core has always been about collaborating with artists and giving back. I love what they stand for and being able to witness this collaboration unfold right before my eyes was truly something special.

The Seated Ballerina installation will be up until 6/2 and aims to raise awareness for National Missing Children Month and support charities like International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). We got to see Kiehls donate $100,000 to the charity at the Saks party and every purchase of Midnight Recovery directly benefits this cause.

So if you're in New York, definitely go check her out. Photos of this 45ft inflatable sculpture doesn't do it justice. 

That is all my friends! Hope you enjoyed the recap of my trip to New York last week .

Also, I received an extra set of Keihl's Midnight Recovery Set, which includes ALL THREE products below, so I wanted to do a little GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner!

Congrats to Nancy Ye who received: 
Eye cream

Love you lots, xx