5 Outdoor Workout Tips

Workouts can feel like a chore even on a good day. Today I’m here to share with you 5 quick tips to making sure you feel good inside and out while you exercise outdoors!

1. Protect your skin!

IMG_5721 2.JPG

I’m lucky enough to live in LA where the weather is basically beautiful year round! This means I like to spend a lot of time under the sun whether it's biking or getting in some cardio with a light jog. With all the sun comes the importance and responsibility of taking care of your skin! Anytime I talk to my mom (she used to be an aesthetician) she reminds me to wear SPF so I don't get sun spots and premature wrinkles. It wasn't until recently that I became more diligent about it after noticing a few freckles pop up on my cheeks. 

My skin has a mind of it’s own, and is VERY sensitive! When I look for ANY products for my face, I think less is more. I want to look as natural and fresh as possible because that's when I feel the most confident. I discovered Shiseido Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce and fell in love! It not only gives sun protection for active women who SWEAT and spend a lot of time outdoors, but it is also a lightweight and long lasting tinted foundation!

It helps cover any redness and blotchy uneven skin tones on my forehead and around my nose. It holds up to sun and sweat and keeps me glowing. Can't recommend it enough! (I use the medium shade).

2. Hydrate

Hydration! Drinking water all day is crucial for digestion, energy and skin health! If I’m going to protect my skin on the outside, I better be supplying water from the inside as well! Drink water before you workout to help avoid cramping and take little sips during your workout as needed.

3. Pick the tunes

I update my playlist constantly with new jams as the seasons turn. I like to have a cardio and workout playlist separate! I keep the light and energetic stuff for running and the heavy bass, girlboss/bad-ass vibes during my circuit training. Don’t wait to for the start of your workout to press play, turn up the tunes as you get dressed and ready  to get your mood up! Pre-workout dance party? yes please! ; P

4. Wireless Headphones

Now that you’ve created a playlist, I’d highly suggest investing in wireless headphones to enjoy the music with!! I love love love not having to try and tuck my phone in my sports bra or tights while working out and trying to dodge the cord at all times. Make sure you find something that doesn’t slip out of your ears mid burpee! And don’t forget to charge them up before you go. That’s the worrrrrst

5. Initiate blood flow

The last step riiiiight before you really get into your workout? You guessed it, warm up! Not only is this super important to get blood to all your muscles and help with recovery but it also helps begin the release of dopamine and endorphins. After a 10-15 minute speed walk or quick stretch I guarantee you’ll be amped up and ready to crush your workout goals!  

There you have it, you are ready to crush your workout!  Head outside with confidence that your skin is protected! In fact the Shiseido product I mentioned in tip #1 actually gives stronger protection when exposed to water (or sweat!!). I’m pretty sure there are bonus points for exercising in fresh air too! ahh~