Museum of ICECREAM!!!

Hello <3333
I just came back from the the Museum of Ice Cream!
It's exactly what your 6 year old self would imagine it to be like and then 1000x more dreamy because you are actually experiencing it in real life <3
I loved every room, I don't think I could pick a favourite if you asked me to. From the scratch n' sniff banana hologram wallpaper with a swing set, to the 'banana split' room , to the life size gummy bear room, to a pool full of sprinkles, I was blown away!!! 

Obviously we loaded up on tasty treats - like "Ice-cream for Breakfast" two pink pancakes sandwiched around blueberry ice cream, yeah hi, get in my belly. We also got to try salted caramel banana ice cream, mint chocolate chip mochi balls (would highhhly recommend), gummy bears and black cookie dough! I'm guessing you can figure out which room had which from the pics ;) . 

I'm still gushing, it was a surreal, very very neat experience. Food as art? Count me in. 

(Photos by Ian)