New Dry Winter Skin Routine Update!


I’m committing to a new skin care regime and I wanted to keep you in the loop. I'm going to do everything from upping my skin care routine, to eating a clean diet, to taking skin care supplements! My skin fluctuates a lotttt, it's very dry and I always have weird patches drying up or becoming bumpy. Between the poor air quality in Southern California from the Thomas fire and the winter dryness it’s safe to say my face has felt like sandpaper and I’m not into it!

Below is a photo I took of my skin in the car with no foundation on. Honestly, when my skin acts up it looks worse when I try to cover it.


This next photo was taken on a DSLR camera vs iPhone but if you look closely you can see the uneven texture, discoloration and dryness. 


Here is my plan!

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First, high quality face oils. You might think that putting oil on your skin will actually cause pimples but that’s totally not the case. Coconut oil can do the trick but there are so many face oils out there with a blend of high quality oils that will not only hydrate your skin but leave it with a dewy glow. I like to pat a dime size amount right after I shower to lock in moisture and after I cleanse my face. Face oils are definitely a daily ritual for me but for some added TLC you know I love a good face mask binge. Some face masks can be drying, which can be great for someone with oily skin, but make sure you’re choosing a mask with benefits for your skin type and is extra hydrating for the winter! 


Moving on to what I'm putting into my body. You are what you eat. Our skin loves nourishing foods and two key players  are Vitamin E and Omega-3s which are both major components to glowing skin.

High vitamin E foods include almonds, spinach, sweet potato and avocado. These are foods I include in my diet here and there but will definitely level up on.  

High Omega 3 foods include walnuts, salmon, brussel sprouts, flaxseed and grass-fed beef. Foods I barely eat :|  Omega-3 fats are really important for our survival! We can’t make them within the body so we can only get them through diet. Interesting right?! They are used in every cell membrane and play a key role in hormone regulation. #verynecessary  


Since I don't get enough Omega-3 fats in my diet (like most Americans) my skin hasn't been at it's best. I found jane iredale Skin Omegas Supplements via Instagram and after taking their quick Skin Care Supplements Quiz on the website I realized this is exactly what I needed. The quiz asked me everything from my skin type to my exercise habits to my age and more. It was simple but thorough!


Along with Omega-3 fats the Skin Omegas also contain Omega-6 from evening primrose oil and Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is found in carrots and sweet potatoes too, but actually needs fat to digest it, so pairing it with the omega-3 fatty acids I thought was the perfect way to maximize digestion of the vitamin. These pills also don’t have an aftertaste, which is nice too!

I’ve been taking my Skin Omegas at breakfast with a big glass of water to start my day off right in the hydration department. I am hoping my skin will be thanking me in no time!


So let’s recap the plan.. In order to get my skin back on it’s best behavior I’m committing to twice-a-day moisturizing, face mask 2x a week, boosting Vitamin E in my diet and taking jane iredale Omega-3 rich supplements. Oh! And (of course) drinking LOTS of fresh water.   

I can’t wait to start seeing some results to keep my skin hydrated throughout the winter! I’ll keep you guys posted.