The most relaxing wellness getaway in St. Barths

I had such an amazing time staying at Le Guanahani in St. Barths. It was wonderful to recharge and really focus on myself, and wellness, for a few days. It was my first time on the island and I was so pleasantly surprised to hear everyone speaking in French! The weather was beautiful in the mid 80's with some Caribbean showers. The bright turquoise ocean and contrasting red roofs on the mountains, plus the bright blue sky, were all breathtaking.

I landed in Puerto Rico after a day of traveling and was greeted by a Tradewind Aviation crew member. She led us to the lounge where there were baskets of snacks and drinks while we waited for our private plane to take us to St. Barths, one hour away. To the right is the founder of Tradewind, Hi David! :)

Shortly after, we boarded the plane and took off. It was such a beautiful sight to see the island and waters from above. The landing was SO insane- we dove through the mountains onto the narrowest runway. It was scary but fun!!

When we got to St. Barths, a member of Le Guanahani picked us up from the airport and drove us to the resort, only 10 minutes away. The whole island itself is 8 miles in width so it’s quite easy to get around.

We walked into the stylish lobby filled with antique trunks and decor (looked like it was straight out of a Wes Anderson film). The resort is a mix of function and style, so everything flowed really well. 

Every bungalow was painted turquoise (sea), yellow (sun), lavender (flower), or green. I stayed in a yellow villa with a large deck and private pool with a view of the palm trees and sound of the ocean. It was stunning, relaxing, and I loved how private it felt. Also the different trim details and lush gardens against the colors made every part of the resort picturesque. 

I was lucky enough to experience the Essence to Essence Festival during my stay. I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy, so the fact that the resort was offering meditation by the sea every morning and hands-on workshops throughout the day to learn about essential oils was so exciting. Essential oils and mindfulness are a huge part of my wellness practice, even when I’m home. Quieting my mind and having a mind-body connection is a pillar of overall wellness, so I felt great taking part in the festival.

Having the opportunity to learn from Nick James of Body Bliss and Chaya, a psychic reader and massage therapist was such a treat. I immediately felt at home with them, they have such beautiful souls and they are the kind of people you want to be friends with the rest of your life. Their dedication to holistic wellness - full body and mind wellness, not just fitness or one particular part of wellness - was also really inspiring.

Every Thursday, Le Guanahani hosts a fabulous BBQ on the beach with live music. There was a delicious salad bar, pasta bar, and bread bar and they were grilling fresh fish of the day, lobsters, and steak. It was all sooo delicious!

We woke up every morning at 7 am for a meditation led by Chaya. For the first one, we hummed for several minutes to wake up our senses and feel our body vibrate, followed by a movement where we actively gave and received energy from the universe. Such a positive dose of mindfulness - I felt really great afterwards and it helped set the pace of the day.

Indigo restaurant is right on the beach. Every morning we would walk down to have breakfast. There was so much to choose from...salmon, cheeses, fruits, breads, yummy egg dishes made to order and fresh juices and I loved being able to take in the view of the ocean and sun while enjoying every meal.

After breakfast we participated in different aromatherapy workshops. We made a roll-on essential oil specifically tailored to our lifestyles- I chose one for clarity of mind, boldness of action, ability to inspire others, and strength through flexibility and alertness to opportunity. I learned so much- not only about the benefits of essential oils but about myself as well! 

In the afternoon we left the resort and toured the island. Our guide showed us where he grew up, the elementary school he went to, and the different beaches and crowds they attract, as well as some amazing lookout points. The island is really small so you can drive from one end to another fairly quickly. Fun fact- The locals get out of their cars to move the tortoises crossing the streets to safety. So cute!

After a beautiful coursed out dinner poolside, we ended the night with a sleep meditation and made body creams infused with essential oils customized to our intention. Mine was 'stress less'. Stress is definitely what I have the hardest time with, so it was amazing to find ways to sooth that stress - especially with tips I could bring home with me. I loved the experiment of enhancing my senses, too, which I learned is key to the overall practice of wellness.

The fitness room was one of the best I've seen on a resort yet. It's located on the beach full of windows and they have everything from weights, mat area, treadmill, and even a p90x machine.

After my workouts everyday, I would go straight for a swim into the ocean. The resort also offers a variety of classes like Zumba, pilates, yoga, paddle board fitness, etc., and there's always a physical trainer on site.

On the last day, we enjoyed a head to toe massage and I nearly fell asleep from relaxation. You can choose from 3 different wellness treatments- REST, ENGAGE, and CULTIVATE - depending on your intention and goals. Each tapping into the healing potential of aromatherapy to enhance your well-being.

I can’t tell you guys how good I felt after leaving this little slice of France in the Caribbean. I took so much away from the weekend that I can apply to daily life - from the breathing techniques, to aromatherapy and meditation practices, to prioritizing fitness and relaxation. Wellness is all about balance, and the resort approached everything in that way. I can't recommend Le Guanahani enough! I left feeling, inspired, recharged, grateful for having made some amazing memories.