Superfoods 101 + 6 recipes!

Today I want to talk all about superfoods! You hear the term a lot in the health and wellness world but it can definitely be overwhelming at first. I remember when I first discovered mulberries, cacao nibs, hemp seeds etc. and was like "WHAT IS ALL THIS NEWNESS I've never heard about?!" I was so tempted to buy the entire superfoods aisle at Whole Foods lol!

Anyway superfoods are extremely good for you, protects your body, boots your immune system and I like to incorporate them into my meals everyday.

To start, I’ll give a quick breakdown of what exactly superfoods are, what makes a food a superfood, and then how I like to eat them.

Intro to superfoods

“Superfoods” are nutrient-dense foods PACKED with high doses of antioxidants, polyphenols (what gives fruits + veggies their VIBRANT colors), vitamins, and minerals

When I first started incorporating superfoods into my diet I noticed increased energy, stronger immune system, and clearer skin.


Examples of superfoods are:

Blueberries - Packed with antioxidants and helps lower cholesterol in blood, and promotes brain health

Aloe vera- Supports strong immune system, normalize blood sugar. Can add to blended drink or cut into small pieces in salad.

Goji berry- Greatest anti-aging food, helps stabilize blood sugar and gives you energy.

Spirulina - Rich source of protein and reduces inflammation

Raw cacao or cacao nibs - Ancient food of the Gods. Opens up the capillaries so whatever nutrients you take with it, your body can absorb it better. High in calcium, vitamin C (not in processed chocolate tho), and packed with magnesium and iron.

Raw honey - Highest sources of live enzymes.

Bee pollen - Alkaline food that contains all essential amino acids, good for increasing energy.

Maca powder- Root vegetable from Peru and is used to enhance strength and helping body adopt to stress- also good for PMS

Camu Camu Berry- High in vitamin C, excellent source of calcium and amino acids. Supports immune system, beautiful skin, liver and helps with headaches. 

Chia Seeds- contain more than 60% omega 3 fatty acids and is a rich source of protein and fiber. 

Acai Berry- extremely high in antioxidants (10-30x of red wine). Great source of omega 3,6,9 - increases energy, improves circulation and eye sight.

Hemp Seeds- Contains all essential amino acids and is the best vegan protein. Easily digested and absorbed. Great to add in salads or smoothies.

Kale- Rich source of vitamins and nutrients, esp. Vitamin K, A and C. Also helps remove toxins from your body at a cellular level. I love Kale in my juices.

Quinoa- High in protein and gluten free. Great alternative to rice when cooking and will keep you fuller longer. 

Green Tea- loaded with antioxidants, improves blood flow, and lowers cholesterol. Great alternative to sugary drinks.

Mulberries- yummy as a snack or you can top your oatmeal with these antioxidant rich berries that also helps boost immune system.

Wheat Grass- powerful detoxifier especially for blood and liver.

Turmeric - a bright orange spice that holds one of the best anti-inflammatory powers. Great to incorporate it into your morning tea to heal your digestion and detoxify your liver. 

Flaxseed - packed with fiber and omega 3 essential fatty acids, good for the heart and digestive health. I always put a spoonful in all my smoothies and oatmeals.

Simply KNOWING the superfoods list has helped me, because now I know what I should be gravitating to more often.
And the great thing about these superfoods is you can easily add them into your diet whether you're a healthy eater or not! 

I get a majority of my superfoods from @navitasnaturals !  You can buy them at Whole Foods. 

Here is how I incorporate superfoods:

Breakfast Ideas:

1. Super yummy Quinoa Porridge recipe here or here

2. Green Detox Smoothie
1 bunch Kale
1 Apple of your choice
5" piece of cucumber
1" thumb of ginger peeled
20 cilantro leaves
In a blender, place all ingredients and fill to the top with water. Blend until smooth. Option to add (in addition to Kale) to spruce up your smoothie would be to add hemp seeds or chia seeds for essential fatty acids and protein.

Snack Idea:
Make a Superfood Trail Mix
Toss together in a jar a combo of your favorite nuts (ex: sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamia, pumpkins seeds, pistachios), cacao nibs, goji berries, and your favorite dried fruit!

Afternoon Anti-Inflammatory Tea:
1 lemon juiced
1 tsp Raw Honey
2 fresh turmeric roots grated or 1 tsp ground turmeric
1 inch ginger chopped into small pieces
1.5 cups of hot water
1 tsp coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a pot over low heat and enjoy!

Kale + Quinoa Salad
Sautee kale over medium heat with garlic until wilted. Add in cooked quinoa and stir to mix. Remove from heat and place in a bowl. Add diced orange and red bell peppers, chopped onion, slivered almonds, and hemp seeds.
For the dressing drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, champagne vinegar and a bit of raw honey.

Another one of my favorite ways to incorporate superfoods—is in salads, like This DIY salad. It's super easy to make, and I’ll add whatever nuts go with the veggies and protein combo. Nice, healthy crunch.

I hope this clears up superfoods a bit and inspires you to eat them more often! What are some of your favorite superfoods? Comment below!