How to Find Perfect Glasses

Hi everyone!!

I had an awesome opportunity to upgrade my spectacles (doesn't that word sound funny #butilikeit) and I thought it would be great to see my optometrist, update my prescription, and find new frames that suit my personality & style ATM.

I usually wear contacts when I'm out and about or working out, but when I'm home answering emails or Netflixing on the couch, I'm usually wearing glasses! This time I went for a fun quirky pair that adds to my style and gives me the option to dress them up. Aren’t these cute?! I love that they are different.

How to Find the Perfect Frames:

I always refer to my favorite sunnies when I choose my eyeglasses. It's a good reference point when figuring out the shape of the frame that suits your face shape the best. For example, check to see if your sunnies are: Aviator, Cat-Eye, Goggle, Oval, Rectangle, Round, or Square. Take notes on this, plus rim details too! Also, since eyeglasses are something I wear pretty much every day, I like mine to be versatile.

I've had a history of different frames...from rimless, to full-rimmed hipster style, to tortoise brown to match the color of my hair. I like to change it up based on my current style so that I can wear my glasses in the house but also have the option to wear them out as an accessory.

I was impressed at how Eyeconics streamlined the process of finding the perfect pair. I used the easy ‘sort & refine’ feature to find the these bold, quirky, and chic glasses by MCM. I especially love the simple gold detailing.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to see that the price of the frame included single-vision prescription lenses at NO extra cost. They even go the extra mile to give you lenses that are ultra-durable, scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses with UV-light protection. This can really add up if you're at a regular frame store…!

I love glasses that give my outfit a perfect finishing touch. These add statement to a casual outfit and can be dressed up to wear with more formal attire too. I haven’t found an outfit that these didn’t look good with yet! 

What glasses are you currently wearing? Do you wear them as a style piece too? Hope these tips helped you!

Talk soon xx