Tips on Time Management!

Hii babes! How are you?! :)

Is anyone else running around like CRAZY lately? This summer has been so so busy for me between traveling, making deadlines, hosting events, creating content, and studying for school. PHEW! 

I wanted today’s post to be about time management.

Life isn’t getting any less busy these days, so I’ve been focusing on ways to better manage my days and weeks. Maybe a few of you have seen my snapchat's before of my schedule...but planning totally takes effort, but it's so worth it when you're trying to juggle multiple things at once. Hopefully what I do will be helpful for you too :)

Here are some practices I use for time management:

Make a list

  1. Each Sunday, I write out a bullet-point list of ALL the tasks I want to get done that week—big or small (ex: pick up dry cleaning, HIIT, attend X event, r&r etc).

  2. Next to that list, I write out more general intentions or weekly goals (ex: exercise consistently, nourish myself, keep up with my blog, spend time with my family). This step is key since it confirms that I’m spending my week on what’s truly important to ME!

  3. Then, I go down the task list and circle all my non-negotiables a.k.a. things I HAVE to get done or are critical to my goals. Even things like grocery shopping end up here since “nourish myself” is a goal and making healthy food falls under that!

Then, I...

Breakdown weekly goals

  1. Based on my circled non-negotiable tasks from above, I breakdown how long each task will take (ex: writing a post will take X amount of time + X amount of time for pictures + X amount of time for editing) to see how long I need to plan for that specific task. P.S. I always add an extra 15 minutes as a buffer bc life happens ;P

  2. Lastly, I take those goals + blocks of time and add them to my calendar. (I use Google Calendar for everything) Appointments aren’t the only thing that should be planned out! Scheduling ALL your tasks/goals will help keep you on track & focused.

Then when it comes time to complete the task, I…

Distance distractions

  • I love turning my phone over but using the alarm (set for however long the task will take) because I respond well to deadlines. I also refrain from IG/snapchat during these times. It can wait! ;P

  • If I need a break, I'll foam roll or stretch in between tasks... it helps!

  • If something pops into my head while I’m in focus mode, I quickly jot it down on my talk list and then get back to work.

I hope some of these tips work for you! Since a lot of my days tend to be scheduled out to the minute, I take a day a week to live “unplanned.” I look forward to this day for some r&r. Down time is CRUCIAL to keeping your focus and motivation high on the other days!

Do you guys have any time management tips you swear by?! Would love to hear your thoughts.