Shape Body Shop Event | Recap

Last month I attended the Shape Body Shop pop-up event and had the opportunity to take over their Snapchat for the day (@ShapeMagazine).

It was SO FUN. I signed up for 5 classes—I know that sounds crazy—but I couldn't decide on just 1! Each class was $10 and all proceeds went to the Movemeant Foundation, a nonprofit focused on empowering young women to feel confident about their bodies by using exercise as a platform for building a positive body image. All about it. 

The first class I took was called ‘Power Training’ with Jen Widerstrom from
The Biggest Loser—she ROCKED it. This class was filled with cardio/HIIT/strength training, with lots of burpees of course.

Like seriously, how FIT are these babes?! Jen (middle) Karena and Katrina on her sides (Tone it UP).

Like seriously, how FIT are these babes?! Jen (middle) Karena and Katrina on her sides (Tone it UP).

After Jen's class, I took a yoga class with Brett Hoebel called ‘Yoga Brazil’ which was kind of like Tai chi but for yoga. This class was on the roof of the Hudson so we had a 360-view of the city.


After a relaxing yoga sesh, we powered through Lacey Stone's ‘Sweat Camp’. I didn't think I would last through my 3rd class, but her energy is always SOO freaking contagious. I absolutely LOVE her! We first met at an Adidas event back in February and she never disappoints!!

Can you believe I'm still going at this point?! But how could I miss a Tone It UP class with Karena and Katrina (both the sweetest, friendliest girls I know)? OK, so I didn't FULLY participate in this class because by this point I was pretty exhausted, but I stayed to learn a few exercises on the bands—great for inner/outer thigh workouts and can be done anywhere!

Afterwards, there was a cute little snack bar called ‘Eat Right Cafe’ where there were Shape-branded cookies, trail mix, and chips. I decided to fuel up before the last class of the day which was ‘POP SCULPT’!! I can't tell you how sore I was after 5 classes the next day, lol. I had so much fun at the event though, and being able to document it all for Shape was AMAZING!

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