Summer Patterns & Swim | CottonOn BODY


Today I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from Cottonon BODY's Olympic Fever collection. In the summer, I tend to welcome in brighter colors and prints. Not only is Cottonon BODY comfortable, cute, and sporty - it's super affordable (major plus!) and I always receive compliments wearing it out.

I can get picky with color, but I instantly gravitated towards their new Rainbow Stripe pattern. It reminds me of my favorite artist's album cover in the 90s by A Tribe Called Quest lol! 

Depending on my mood, I have worn this crop top with black capris - it works well too, thanks to the black trim.

I love any piece that can be worn on and off the mat and this lightweight sweater was just that. It kept me warm on my morning jog and I also wore it throughout my Europe trip as an extra layer in airplanes and also out and about with denim shorts. The back detail is pretty cool too. The Rainbow Stripe print also comes in a bikini! I was stoked to own my first high-waisted bottom too- there's something so classy about it! 

This next outfit is one of my favorites to wear when I'm doing an outdoor workout. The breezy tank keeps me cool and the reflective gold pattern is super fun. Although I choose to wear coral top for this outfit, they also have the same tank in different colors! So depending on my mood- I change it up Ex: white tank & white shoes- yes yes yes

la river

By the way...if you guys haven't visited the LA RIVER (although there's not much of a river)- the architecture is really beautiful and it's worth a visit.

Jumping into SWIM! 2 important things for me when it comes to bikinis:  1) it has to be a good fit  ie. it can't be sliding around while I'm swimming, and 2) it has to have removable cups- a girl needs help in that region : P
Couple months ago, Ian and I were in Illinois for a wedding. We stayed in a hotel near a beautiful lake... it was sunset and when we saw an opportunity to hop on a empty canoe while no one was watching and we did. It was such a THRILL rowing away into peaceful nothingness ~

Here's my last look! The perfect black bikini that I'll be wearing all summer on repeat : )
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to check out Cottonon BODY's full swim range here and Workout range here.
Talk soon!