Hi lovely babes!
On Mother's day, I headed to Wanderlust 108 in San Diego with  Cottonelle® . It was yet another fun day of running, dancing, yoga-ing, and meditating and I was so happy to spend it with my girl Jordan from The Balanced Blonde.

We kicked off the day with a 5K, the weather was slightly overcast but it felt perfect once we were warmed up. I kept up a nice casual pace with Jordan while catching up and it actually went by really quickly. I was surprised! 

The run was along the San Diego Bay so the view was gorgeous.

After the run,  MC Yogi lead a fun yoga dance party and a 75 minute yoga sesh after. We did some linked group poses at the end which was a fun way to celebrate love and everyones' good energy! You can see some of the highlights from yoga in my photos below:

#CleanConfession: I snuck out during yoga to eat an Acai Bowl : P

 Cottonelle® had provided portable clean, fully stocked restrooms with FreshCare wipes and toilet paper both with CleanRipple Texture (which set them apart from flat patterns their competitors offer) , hair ties, deodorant, nail files, mints, etc! This made my festival clean routine & restroom experience the best yet.  I thought it was such a great idea!

Jordan and I are twinning with our warrior markings!

I'm so grateful to Cottonelle® for inviting me to share this experience, it was so much fun!

For a chance to win an experience with Cottonelle® at Wanderlust Miami (4 day VIP passes, flight, hotel covered) Check out the link below:

* Disclosure: This post is sponsored by my friends at Cottonelle® ! All opinions are 100% my own.