Hi babes,
Yay! I can barley hold my excitement for my 2nd Wanderlust 108 In San Diego this coming weekend in partnership with Cottonelle® :) If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I went to the Santa Monica Wanderlust this past weekend and had a blast! I ran my first 5K on the sand, got real bendy for a yoga dance party, and did a 20 minute meditation with thousands of others. The feeling was so surreal!
Now that I know what to expect, I won't be forgetting any essentials to freshen up and protect myself from the sun...Woops!, that was me last weekend : P


So, let's start! Things I'm wearing are... A comfortable sports bra, yoga pants, running shoes and a mat.. I'm also bringing my point and shoot camera to capture all the memories in hi-def and a few bracelets and fitness watch to accessorize and count my steps throughout the day.

I was under the direct sun the entire time  (I think I counted a total of 8 hours!) So, I'm definitely going to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and sunscreen of at least SPF 50. I would also recommend bringing a hat, sunnies, and a light jacket to cover your face while you're lying there in shivasana after yoga and during the 20 minute meditation.

Since I love to document and take photos, I'll also bring my clip on iPhone kit that comes with a wide angle and fish bowl lens. It's great for capturing landscape shots, and large group photos.

Lastly,  I'm super excited to take with me, in partnership with Cottonelle®, their FreshCare wipes. Not only does being active (running, stretching, dancing)  in the sun make you want to freshen up every 10 minutes, this wipe has CleanRipple Texture, that cleans better, removes more, and makes you feel "shower fresh" for longer. So I'm definitely looking forward to feeling clean all day! Maybe clean enough to go Commando ; P ?

Now that I've got my Wanderlust 108 Essentials sorted, I'm ready for another field day for my mind, body, and soul. Hope to see you there! Peace <3


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by my friends at Cottonelle® ! All opinions are 100% my own.