Carefree Basics | On and Off the Mat

Something I've noticed recently is how versatile my wardrobe is.  I can effortlessly transition my favorite basics from working out to running errands to a date night with my boyfriend. 
For example I wore my Spiritual Gangster Good Vibe Sweatshirt to yoga and then turned it into a casual-carefree outfit by ditching the leggings for white shorts and adding a leather backpack to meet a friend for brunch :)

Another basic that transitions well from 'on the mat' to 'off the mat' are good quality tanks. I love my Spiritual Gangster Karma tank because it's super soft with deep arm holes so I can play with different types of sports bra silhouettes. I wore a dark grey one with a interesting cut out in the back to a beach workout!


I turned the same tank into an atheleisure inspired outfit by pairing it with an edgy pair of drop crop pants, bomber jacket, and Adidas NMD sneakers. See how it has a totally different vibe?! I love this tom-boyish look : )  

The  Om Mandala  is another tank by Spiritual Gangster that features the deep arm holes that effortlessly goes from yoga and meditation to a date night by adding a few accessories, booties, and slouchy jean jacket for a pop of color.


I hope you babes enjoyed this post:) I had a lot of fun putting it together!
Which pieces do you find yourself wearing on the mat and off the mat? 
Feel free to leave me a comment below : )!