It's 10:50 pm..  We just got back from Cafe Pinot and I'm feeling inspired to document my birthday full of surprises and good food. So where do I begin..! In the morning I received a delicious box of SweetNuns... They are the best puff pastries in town filled with flavored custard. I love that it isn't very sweet! This was a Japanese-flavor inspired box filled with yuzu citrus, matcha and sesame. Thank you so much Rebecca!! 

Next, I went to a 9:30 am appointment at Benjamin Salon in West Hollywood for a super luxe hair treatment. I hadn't eaten breakfast so the box full of treats from Alchemy Health Foods was perfect. It was filled with little jars of turmeric/ginger juice , strawberries & cream, and coffee..oh popcorn and chocolates .. but no guilt gluten free : ) 

The "Blondes" hair treatment itself was amazing... I was literally melting in my chair. Think aromatherapy + scalp massages for one full hour. Ahhh it totally revitalized my dull blonde hair and made it feel silky and smooth again. I will defiantly be back.


Next, I stopped by Trois Familia for brunch that Olloclip was hosting.  We got to try out different clip-on lenses for your cell phone... they have fish eye, wide angle, active, and macro lens. These are a couple photos I took using the fish eye + wide angle - they make a huge difference!

Lauren, who I've met before at a dinner party, hosted this brunch and it was so good to connect with her again! We shared a delicious tres leches cake for dessert and they sang me Happy Birthday. Thanks girl! xoxo

7 pm dinner at Cafe Pinot! I couldn't have asked for a more romantic atmosphere to spend it with my boo. The restaurant is located in the center of Downtown LA  so if you sit in the courtyard, you see all the high rise buildings around you and the beautiful sky, it's breathtaking!

Cafe Pinot is a California French inspired restaurant so I was so happy to see the selection of sea food dishes on the menu. Seafood is my FAVV <3 The appetizers we enjoyed were the jumbo prawns...fresh oysters...octopus... and a beautiful beet salad. I'll let the photos do the talking, but WOW each dish was mouth watering and the presentation was perfect, 

We went with scallops, chicken, and lamp chops for the entrees. The portions were just right and everything tasted delightful. The scallops were my favorite - light and flavorful. The chicken was also super juicy and the lamp chops were divine- we were pretty much licking our fingers. : P

Okay this blew my mind. Little did I know Cafe Pinot had a big birthday cake (with pink glitter and macaroons) waiting for me for dessert<333 I couldn't believe it!!! I was holding the cake up to the lights in awe of the sparkly-ness. Feeling so incredibly thankful for the generosity and grandiose gestures by the restaurant. They really know how to make someone feel special, warm, and tingly inside. It was one of the more memorable nights of 2016. Thanks Cafe Pinot, I can't wait to be back!

Time to work off the sweets and treats and hit the gym! Happy Friday!
P.s Monkey says thanks for the treats too ; )