My #600RepButtChallenge !!

Whoo hoo!! This is the #600RepButtChallenge I always mention on my Snapchat : P It's a great "at-home, no equipment" butt work out that will tone and lift your butt while maintaining lean legs. I like to do it 2X a week after LISS and HIIT. 

Go down all 3 exercises below starting with 100 reps (50 reps per side) each, then bump it up to 200 reps (100 per side) when you feel ready. . Or just jump right into it if you dare!

To keep it challenging, I am now incorporating ankle weights and going up on the reps little by little. R U READY FOR THE BURN?!

1. Bent Leg Kick back
Starting on your elbows and knees, keep a 90 degree angle and extend one leg upward while kicking your heel toward the sky. Squeeze your glute at the top and repeat this move 100 times and switch legs. YESSS

Right side- 100 Reps
Left side- 100 Reps

2. Straight Leg Extensions
Starting on your elbows and knees, squeeze your glutes and straighten one leg behind you. Keeping your leg straight and toes pointed down, tap the ground with your toe and raise your leg again. Complete 100 reps on one side and switch! OWww. 

Right side- 100 Reps
Left side- 100 Reps

3. Fire Hydrant
Starting on your elbows and knees, keep your foot flexed and raise one leg to the side keeping your knee bent at a 90 degree angle. (think of this move as if you're a dog peeing on a fire hydrant : P #sorrynotsorry) then squeeze your glutes as you lift and lower down to starting position and repeat 100 times before switching legs.

Right side- 100 Reps
Left side- 100 Reps

DO YOU FEEL THAT?!! : P  Try it next time you're at the gym or at home once you're warmed up after LISS and tag #600RepButtChallenge if you do it! Bye for now ~ xo

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