Fluffy Cardamom Quinoa Porridge with Date Sauce


Happy Thursday. I'm sitting here listening to classical music, belly full of porridge, feeling SO satisfied and super excited to be here blogging. It's been a while! Peeking over at Monkey(my bunny)...he's outside fluffed up taking a nap. Happy Chinese New Year by the way and Happy Year of the Monkey : )
Let's see.. what's new since I last blogged... I went on a super cool Adidas trip and met my best friends basically for the first time. ahahah. Internet friends are weird. Because you feel like you know them SO well even before meeting them...and hanging out for the first time feels more like catching up. It was really nice. Plus we got to do a bunch of cool stuff- like yoga on the beach, runs, boxing, cooking, and celebrating the launch of the Pure Boost X- all while being filmed the entire time. It was an experience to say the least. Super grateful for that opportunity.

What else... PORRIDGE IS WHAT ELSE :P >< OMG I'm so happy this turned out SOOOO delicious. I'm not used to cardamon, so if you're like me, start small with it, so it doesn't over power your bowl. I made this awesome sauce to pour over it too! Hope you guys try this and enjoy it. 

1/4 Cup Quinoa (rinsed)
2 Tbsp Rolled Oats
1/4 Cup Water
3/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/8 Tsp Ground Cardamom
1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Pinch of salt

Bring all ingredients in a pot to a boil. Then simmer, covered for 15 minutes until the quinoa is tender. Let sit for 5 minutes and fluff.

2 Medjool Dates Pitted and Torn
1/4 Cup Canned Coconut Milk
1/4 Tsp Coconut Oil
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Vanilla Extract
Pinch of Salt

Cook the dates on medium to low heat with coconut oil. Sprinkle in the salt and add the coconut milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Continue to cook over low heat and smoosh the dates while you cook until you get a thick paste. DONE! Tastes like caramel heaven. 


Talk to you soon lovelies,