How I balance my health when I travel


Between the Dominican Republic, Tokyo, Mexico, Peru, Germany, and Denmark I've been on the road SOO much the past few months. I mentioned it on snapchat before, but I literally didn't leave the country ONCE in the past 5 or 6 years before I quit my job and became a full time blogger. I felt bad taking time off work to go on vacation and I wanted to save. (stupid student loans...anyone else have them?) Anyway that's a whole different story, but I feel so grateful  because now my job allows me to travel and have a flexible schedule to jump on any travel opportunities that come my way. 

Anyway I got a little off track there but the purpose of this blog today is to talk about how I've been maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling so much.

Hopefully it’s helpful for those of you who travel or are busy running around all the time, like me!

I think the most important thing - whether you’re traveling or in your hometown - is moderation. I’ve always liked the idea of the 80/20 rule, too. 80% of the time your food should be good, healthy decisions, and the other 20% can be cheat meals (which I talked about here!). I think that’s a fair amount of moderation when it comes to food. You don't want to be missing out on that BOMB ice cream parfait for example or those sweet roasted almonds on the street. I'm totally for the "LIVE YOUR LIFE AND HAVE FUN" but also I know that I will make up for it with an extra work out or a healthy salad for the next meal. 

You can actually swap the ratio for exercise too- just think about it! Spend 20% of your week moving, walking around, working out,  and the other 80% you can do whatever you want (work, sleep, etc.). I like to think of this ratio for food and exercise while I travel. I actually end up spending WAY more than 20% of my days walking around and exploring anyway,  but if you're on a blissful lounge-y type vacay, then just try to at least shoot for 20%! You'll feel better about that extra slice of cake.

Bikes - renting bikes is SUCH a fun, easy way to get a workout in, plus its THE BEST. I lovveee biking around a new city. Most cities or destinations have bikes to rent, and some big cities have the bike-share programs which are amazing. People always think about walking when traveling and exploring, but why not hop on a bike? Feel the air and cover the miles- you'll never know what you'll discover along the way. 

Jog- If bikes aren't your thing or you don't have access to one, you can always go on a jog. In Berlin, Meagan and I woke up an hour early, put on our running shoes and 2 extra jacket layers (bc it was freezing there), gloves, and ran to a coffee shop/brunch place a mile and a half away. Besides my ears freezing off, it was so much fun and we even discovered a local farmers market along the way and bought warm cozy slippers made of sheep fur. (wearing them right now). You never know what you'll discover.

Plan ahead - I like to check where the closest gym is to where I'm staying so I can plan my workout days. If the hotel I’m staying in doesn’t have a gym (though I do like making that a priority), I see which gyms are cheap to workout in or close by. If I can't find one, I'll go to a park, find a workout class like yoga or pilates, or I'll do a workout in my hotel room with my own body weight or a backpack as a weight. Bringing a jump rope and booty bands are also a great idea for fitness on the road, because you can get creative! Use it for cardio, then to stretch out after.

Water bottle - Traveling with your own water bottle is a must, at least for me! It ensures that I’m staying hydrated at all times. I just make sure it’s empty before I get into the security line if I’m flying, then find a water bottle and fill that baby up right away! It’s good for you, the planet, and your wallet. I couldn't do this in Peru though because the tap water = no Bueno there.

Drink or dessert in moderation- I don’t drink much at all as it is, but sometimes a glass of wine with your girlfriends on vacation is super nice! If I drink more than 1.5 glasses I start to feel woozy, tired, and over all blah. I used to not be like I getting old?! hahah But anyway there are times when you want to let loose on vacation so just go for it! Just remember the 80/20 rule! Load up on greens and water the next day to replenish and hydrate : )

Find healthy cafes and restaurants- If I have a heavy dinner I'll usually plan a breakfast or brunch at a plant based cafe or restaurant. Every city I've traveled in has had delicious vegan and plant based options, so definitely search that up on google! My last night in Copenhagen, Meg and I dined at a vegetarian based restaurant serving up gourmet veggies in a 6 course meal. It was absolutely DIVINE and I felt full and amazing afterwards!

So there you have it - my favorite tips! Those are the main ways I balance, but I think it’s crucial to remember that even though you’re on a trip, you still want to feel GOOD, keep up with some of your healthy habits, and move!! That's what I try to remember and it works for me : )

Let me know if you have any other tips to share in the comments! love you lots and lots and lots and lots.