Ways to Stay Clean After Working Out

Hi everyone! How’s your week going? I just got back from the Dominican Republic and now I’m in Tokyo, so life is busy but fun! Anyone else traveling??

When I was in the Dominican, it was super hot and humid and I was a drippy- sweaty mess the entire time hahah! I mentioned on Snap, but I’m naturally a really sweaty person and mixing that with humidity ended up with me needing to shower and wash my workout clothes a lot!

I wanted to write a post on how I keep clean—and more importantly how I keep things like my workout clothes and gym essentials sanitary since I’m constantly on the go from working out to heading to events, etc. Showering after the gym or a workout isn’t always an option, so I’ve gotten really good at cleaning myself and my stuff up after a sweat sesh! :P

Here are some of my favorite ways to stay clean after a workout:

Face wipes - These are so amazing to wipe off makeup pre and post-workout or when I’m in the car and don’t have a sink to wash. I even use them on the rest of my body if I need a quick wipe down. Who says they are just for your face, right!

Persil ProClean 2in1 - I’ve tried a lot of detergents, and this is hands-down my favorite for cleaning dirty workout gear. My laundry consists of 80% workout clothes and I have to do laundry at least once a week because I workout everyday. Persil leaves my clothes smelling extra fresh & clean and it’s actually the #1 rated detergent right now specifically for dirty workout clothes which is pretty impressive. You can download a coupon here to try the detergent for yourself.

When it comes to how I wash my clothes, I like to sort by colors (darks, mixed, whites) for the best results without fading or any unwanted tie-dye :). I also turn my clothes inside out since I’m washing it so often, because that helps with fading too. If it’s a REALLY sweaty load (like after my Dominican trip), I rinse them in a cold wash cycle without detergent first, then I’ll run them again with the Persil. This seems to be the best way to get every ounce of the material clean and yummy smelling again!

Sanitizing wipes - These wipes are great for cleaning up my headphones (which get dirty, don’t forget to wipe them down!), my cell phone, fitness tracker, water bottle, and the inside of my gym bag. I wipe everything down at least a couple times a week.

Dryer sheets - This is one of my favorite tips that I learned a while back. Dropping these into your gym bag, shoes, whatever, is a good way to keep things smelling good. I usually let these sit in my bag overnight!

Hope this wasn't too TMI haha! Sweating is a huge part of fitness so I thought I’d share a few tricks and tips I've learned along the way. How do you keep yourself and your gym essentials fresh?

Hope you guys have a good week! Be sure to keep up with my Tokyo travels on Snapchat and Instagram!


* This blog post is sponsored by my friends a Persil. However all opinions are always my own.