How to easily add meditation into your life

Hi guys!

I wrote about yoga a little bit ago, and though I talked about the different types and why I like to incorporate it into my routine, I didn’t touch on one of my FAVORITE aspects of it: meditation. It definitely depends on the class and teacher, but a lot of yoga classes end with ‘savasana’ which is basically you lying on your back, eyes closed, body doing absolutely nothing, ahhhh. Doing savasana during yoga was one of the first times I practiced something resembling meditation, and I love that part of class (even though I usually end up falling asleep, lol).

Meditation is pretty popular now, especially in the wellness world, and comes with a super long list of benefits, including: lower stress, increased attention span, better sleep, more appreciation, stronger immunity, more energy, etc. It’s also a time to let your brain rest, which is probably my favorite part. I suggest using an app—I like Headspace because the guy has a great, calming British accent haha—if you’re new to meditating. It can definitely take getting used to, some discipline, and definitely takes practice, but the app helps me get through it.

And something about meditation that I’m especially into is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to be sitting cross-legged in silence for an hour to reap the benefits. Here are ways I like to add it throughout my days. Maybe you can try it too!

In the shower

My favorite place to meditate! I like to "shake it off" and tune into myself with my eyes closed while standing under running water. I start by taking deep breaths for a few minutes, then I physically let go of my day-by shaking it all off, jumping up and down, allowing my hands and body to do whatever it needs to do. I "shake off" everything that has already happened, any negative thoughts, etc - and let it fall off my fingertips. Physically letting it go like this, really helps me feel brand new afterwards. 

In the car

No, you don’t have to close your eyes to meditate! Meditating while doing other tasks takes some time to get used to, but the whole idea behind it is clearing your thoughts. Instead of making driving a stressful situation, I’ll turn off the radio and drive "zenfully" in silence. I’ll breathe in deeply and exhale until I hit my destination, and if my mind starts to wander—which happens!—I gently return to my focused breathing. 

With my tea

In the morning, I love when I’m still in my pajamas but have already made some tea, and can sit in silence to help me wake up. A quick meditation session gets me ready for the day and lets me wake up in a peaceful way. 

Even if you haven’t meditated before, I highly suggest trying! It’s not as hard as it sounds, and it doesn’t need to be perfect—just remember that! 

Do any of you meditate? How and when do you incorporate it into your life?