Inspirational accounts I stalk on Instagram : P

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!
I woke up super early @ 6:30 am and as usual browsed IG for inspo until I got up.  I'm sure we all have a few accounts that we stalk religiously so I thought it be fun to share a few of mine! These women constantly push me to be the best version of me, work hard, and eat well.

If you’re not following them already, I highly suggest it. Below are their Instagram handles followed by a few reasons why I love their accounts!

@rawvana - Yovana is a health coach based in San Diego and her account is full of colorful, yummy plant based meals, and joy! She radiates happiness and a healthy lifestyle. She also shares recipes - like dragonfruit smoothies and vegan meal prep - which are always amazing looking and even shares videos of her making them. Both her smile and posts are great to come across!

@michelletakeaim - Michelle is an LA fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has a way of displaying fashion in a very simple way that I love! Her aesthetic is always pleasing to my eye, and her style is attainable yet inspirational. She has over 200K followers, yet is humble, positive, and relatable. 

@theskinnyconfidential - Lauryn is a longtime lifestyle and wellness blogger out of So Cal. She’s as real as they come and touches on everything from deodorant and UTIs to fashion and wellness hacks. Her life is super impressive; that girl is on the go! She has a podcast alongside her successful blog that she religiously posts on. I really appreciate her attitude and brand, and I look up to her. Major #girlcrush!

@minamalistbaker - Warning: do not look at this account on an empty stomach! Except that it’s OK because most of her stuff is really good for you ahah. Dana is a cook who posts delicious recipes using 10 ingredients or less - amazing, right?! Also, everything is 30 min or less to make! GENIUS. My kind of cooking right there - especially for weeknights. Her account is SO beautiful and I love to see what she’s creating next.

@caraloren - Cara started as a fashion/lifestyle blogger in Utah, but she’s recently upped her fitness game, too. She’s a mom of two boys and her strong, toned body is ridic! I love how she’s candid about her workouts and she even posts videos of her exact routines. The fact that she’s a successful, working mom who also fits in fitness and a healthy lifestyle is highly motivational! Plus, her style is great and major #hairgoals.

I hope those girls add positivity, health, and inspo to your feed too! Who are your favorite people to follow?! I'd love to know!