Club Med, Dominican Republic!

Photocredit: Drea @elsewhere

Photocredit: Drea @elsewhere


I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I was in the Dominican Republic. Have any of you been there? It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It was my first time on a tropical island besides Hawaii and I think it’s safe to say the beach is just like I've seen in photos-  jade water + white sand!

On the flight there I sat next to a super friendly couple that was going to the DR for their 5th time. They were both so excited for me and reassured me that regardless of the stormy weather forecast, “the DR always know how to keep you entertained no matter what”. They got me so excited and I couldn’t wait to explore where we were staying at, Club Med Punta Cana!

Club Med- is a destination resort with locations all over the world including the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Punta Cana, etc.

The moment we landed and stepped out of the plane, we were in tropical paradise. It was super...super...humid but also beautiful and sunny.  The airport had a live band playing and the outdoor tropical vibes were so welcoming.

Our resort was no more than 15 minutes from the airport. Thank goodness because after 10+ hours of travel (we had a layover in JFK ) we were all ready to relax and explore. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly greeted by the Club Med staff who gave us a tour around the resort. We walked by so many picture-perfect photo opportunities I couldn’t help but snap, snap, snap. There was a gym with a view of the ocean, a huge trapeze gym, ocean view bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and places to lay out along the ocean.

I really liked that there is a new closed off section of the resort that is just for 18+. This is where we stayed- The Zen Oasis! Inside is it’s own private pool and bar with suites all around the perimeter. It was gorgeous and I felt so lucky to be able to call it home for the next 4 days!

Each room had its’ own private cabana, outdoor seating and grass area. I loved that it felt like a mini home. The rooms were big- there was a king size bed, seating area, table, and bathroom which had double sinks and mirrors, huge closets, and a shower and bath that was as the size of my bedroom at home- haha! my favorite part would have to be the 2 feet wide shower head and the huge hibiscus rug.

After settling in, we met up with the everyone and walked to dinner.  I was so happy to be with so many familiar faces and knew we were all going to have the best 4 days together.

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p/c: @elsewhere

p/c: @elsewhere

Dinner was buffet style- my personal favorite because I got to pick and choose what to eat, in the quantity I want and in the order I want (passion fruit + papaya before dinner pls. thx) There was an array of food - ranging from beef carpacio, pasta, salad bar, burgers, steaks, fish, etc. with little stations made to order in every corner. They change up the menu every night and you can preview it right outside the buffet which was great. I wish there were more variety of greens like kale & arugula >.< but I can't complain because everything was delicious.

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast at Indigo restaurant which is on the water. Fruits, granola, yogurt, and tea are all buffet style and they offer many omelet + egg breakfast options too. It was so nice to look out onto the ocean while sipping coffee and discussing the endless options of active things to do that day - yoga, surfing, paddle boarding, wind surfing, archery, foam dance party etc.

Most of the water activities got canceled because of Hurricane Matthew but that meant more beach/lounge/chill time and I definitely didn’t mind that at all : P In the afternoon, we went to the trapeze gym to learn a few things from Cirque de Soleil performers themselves- it was SO much fun! if you guys get a chance to try bungee jumping- it’s not as scary as you think…it feels like you’re bouncing on a trampoline but going much much higher and you don’t have to worry about ‘falling off’ because you’re tightly belted up. I learned how to do front and back flips too.


During the evenings, Club Med has carnival shows, themed dance parties, wine tasting, and dinner parties. Oh and don’t forget to stop and watch sunset! Also fun fact: everyone in the club does synchronized dance moves to the songs. I would def not be able to keep up because I have zero coordination -but it was quite enterining to watch lol

One of my favorite nights was a spontaneous walk to the beach where we brought blankets and wine and laid under the stars. I mentioned it on my Instagram but it felt so surreal to be on island and see thousands of stars.

Another unforgettable experience was the L’occitaine massage by the ocean. It was hands down the BEST massage I have ever gotten in my life. They spent so much time on my back, lower back, shoulders and neck - kneading out every knot, pressing on my pressure points with the most relaxing oils and making me feel like jello afterwards. I will never forget that massage and it will take ALOT to top that experience. Wish Ian was there too >< #couplesmassage YAS

If you have thought about visiting the Dominican Republic, I would definitely recommend this resort. Definitely stay for a week - plus you’ll get an incredibly beautiful tan, and if you’re active like me they will have you covered with every water+ land activity you can think of.

Photo credit: Drea @elsewhere

Photo credit: Drea @elsewhere

Photo credit: Drea @elsewhere

Photo credit: Drea @elsewhere

I hope you enjoyed this recap and it gave you a snapshot of my experience as well as ideas for your next tropical getaway :)

love you lots, off to do a workout then more Tokyo things xo

p.s Club med is hosting a sweepstakes for a free trip & stay for two!