Creamy Lemon Blueberry Oats

This post is sponsored by my friends at Bai! I love trying all their exotic flavors and using them in my recipes because it's a healthy and tasty :D

It was 47 degrees F this morning!! I don't remember the last time I wore PJ pants, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater AND a blanket but I was still freezing cold. ahhaah I'm such a LA baby! My fingers are frozen as I type this too. Okay enough of that!! 

I had to make something that would warm me up this morning so I can be as pumped as can be for ARMS. So I made a piping bowl of YUMMY Lemon Blueberry Oats and it was deeeeelish :)!  It's a twist on the caramel oats but using Bai5 Limu lemon antioxidant (refined sugar free) drink that only has 5 calories instead of water. Perfect sore muscle recovery treat. Hope you guys try it and let me know if you enjoyed it!


1 Cup Bai5 Limu Lemon

1/4 Cup Quick Cook Oats

2 torn and pitted dates

1/4 cup blueberries (fresh or freeze dried)

Pinch of salt, cinnamon and vanilla extract


Bring all ingredients to a boil, then cook over low heat and mix occasionally until you reach a porridge consistency :)!