I started this 'After-Gym' skin care routine because I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was breaking out so much until I realized.. it was from wiping my sweat and swiping my hair away from my forehead with my dirty little hands while working out and waiting until bed time to properly cleanse my face :( !!

So if you are a little like me, and haven't put too much thought into it... here's a few products I can recommend that I bring in my gym bag. 

Juicy Bamboo clothes | I use these soft beautifully scented citrus + honey cleansing clothes as soon as I'm finished with my work out. I don't use water or soapy cleanser, just these. not to mention 100% natural, cruelty-free and biodegradable too. At home I use Simple Miceller cleansing water with a cotton pad. Both are amazing but the clothes are great for on-the-go.

Next I'll use a few drops of Lani's tropical super serum which has a great lightweight feel and blend of oils that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. 100% vegan and natural - another plus.

If its still day time after my work out, I'll use a pump of Hydro Peptide lightweight/non greasy SPF that is paraben free with elements of acai and green tea. SPF is a super must! ;P

Derma e Psorzema cream  I keep this stuff around always because of my frequent rash break outs and  eczema issues. I'll spot treat anything if necessary on my face and frequently use it on my hands too.

Last quick step, a dab of Skinfix hydrating lip repair made with 40% coconut oil and I'm out the door.

Disclaimer: I have sensitive combination skin. all reviews are my honest and own opinion. I'm not receiving any commission if you purchase these, I'm just letting you know what I'm using.